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Permanent Makeup

Permanent lip pigmentation

Lip blushing techniques are becoming increasingly popular. This is due to the more natural effects they produce, which allow for an increase in the beauty that already exists within our features. The makeup also allows you to keep your cosmetic routine as quick and cost-effective as possible. In addition, permanent lip liner for the lips creates the illusion of more voluminous lips without having to do major surgery under needles.

A permanent lip liner is a form of tattoo that is put to the lips’ outer contours to define their shape. It can be used to address oral defects or for cosmetic reasons. This procedure eliminates worrying about dry lips and color rubbing off when kissing, drinking, eating, or sleeping.

Permanent eyebrows

Permanent eyebrows makeup is a semi-permanent makeup technique that fills in the eyebrows and is completely painless. It is executed using a hand-held tool that comprises one to five micro-needles. The pigment goes under the skin however not on the skin. By injecting pigment into the layers of the skin, the method is performed to provide the impression of fullness and shape to your eyebrows.

Permanent eye lashes

Lash Enhancement is a semi-permanent treatment that involves inserting pigment between strands of your natural lashes to give you fuller, longer lashes and improve your overall appearance by extending, lifting, and opening the eye. It reminds regular eyeliner, but without a wing. It enhances the lash line in a natural way.

Permanent Lash Enhancement is the most natural permanent eyeliner since it just applies color between the lashes. A lash enhancement can be done separately, which will cut the cost, or as a part of any other eyeliner procedure, such as eyebrow tinting. It is a delicate improvement perfect for those who only want a little extra definition around the lashes.

Beauty spot (mole creation)

Many women love to have a mole or beauty spot created mostly on face. Though permanent moles could be created on any part of your body, they are most preferred on face for prominence. Creating a beauty mark is done for enhancement of appearance and is very popular among celebrities. Cheek bone, chin, portions above or below lips are common areas of beauty spot creation.

Vitiligo(White Spots) Treatment

Vitiligo or white spots can be masked well with harmlessskin colored pigments permanently.

We have best in class machinaries and use best available pigments in few cases.

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