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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment or endodontic treatment is necessary when the centre part within the tooth, known as the pulp, housing the blood vessels, nerves and living connective tissues, become infected or inflamed. The root canal procedure is performed to save a damaged or badly infected tooth, instead of extracting it.

It’s really a painless procedure performed under local anesthesia.

Generally it’s a 3 visit procedure but can be accomplished in a single sitting in certain cases.

We at Dr. Jairaj Dental and Face Clinic, have completed thousands of root canal procedures or RCT successfully and our success rate is nearly 100 %.

Dr. Jairaj Dental Dental and Face Clinic is well equipped with latest rotary instruments and quick digital radiography to increase assurance of successful RCT.

In most of cases RCT is followed by capping of treated teeth.

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